Why I Shoot Boudoir Photography

Why Boudoir Photography?

Sometimes I find it hard to put into words why I shoot boudoir photography. To me, it is so much more than photos. It is about self-acceptance, body positivity, and art. It’s about getting glammed up and laughing your butt off. It is about the transformation that takes place between the time you walk into my studio and walk back out at the end. It is about feeling beautiful, and that is something I believe every person deserves.

I started shooting boudoir photography because I saw the beauty in everyone who came in our door, and so many of them didn’t see themselves that way. Being a woman myself I know how hard it can be to have confidence and be happy in your own skin. It broke my heart to listen to women constantly put themselves down and not be able to see their own beauty. Women tell me they don’t feel beautiful because they think they are too tall, weigh too much, they have stretch marks or scars, they have wrinkles, and so many other things.

I love showing these women the photos from their session and proving to them that they CAN feel beautiful, and they are allowed to love themselves. Seeing their reactions to their photos changed me. From the first time I experienced this, I knew I had found my passion. I believed I could show anyone what I see through my camera. That is why I shoot boudoir.

It was now my job to be a mirror for my clients. Not the mirror that the world shows you that shames you, but the one who sees past all the lumps, bruises, and imperfections. The one that shows you your sparkle.

The Transformation

The transformation that takes place in our studio is the best part of the whole experience for us. When a woman arrives in my studio, most of the time she is nervous, sometimes even visibly anxious. Shaky hands and voices, fidgety and shy. I see this all the time. Once they sit in the chair and get their hair and makeup done, the transformation begins. The client slowly starts to shed those signs and feelings of nervousness.

Then the shoot starts. The first series is to get you all warmed up. When I show my client the back of the camera for the first time, I usually hear “OH MY GOD, that’s me? NO WAY!” As we go into the next series and the next, the laughter and smiles really start to come out. Then she starts to feel truly sexy. The sexy eyes make an appearance and so does a confidence in their spirit. You can see it start to click for them and it is why I shoot boudoir and love every minute of it.

By the time we finish the session, we are friends. We are chit-chatting and laughing and goofing around. We’ve told stories about our lives and gotten to know each other well. We have just shared an experience that they will always remember.

Once the reveal comes around and I show them their images on the big screen TV, their jaws DROP. They see themselves like they never have before. This is one of the amazing things about boudoir photography. I get a chance to show them how I see them, how their spouse sees them and be their mirror. When they walk out that door, they are smiling so big and they can’t wait to tell all their friends what they just did.

A Little Piece of my Story and Why I Shoot Boudoir

I didn’t start out shooting boudoir. Actually, I started my business back when I was just a little thing, running around with a camera photographing my mom’s friends’ families. When I was 13 I came up with the name Marquise Photography (Marquise is my middle name!) and started posting some of my work on Facebook. My mom literally had to drive me to everything because I was so young. She even drove and assisted me at my very first wedding the week after I turned 16.

I eventually started to work for another photographer in my area and he taught me so much about the art and the business of what we do. I owe him everything. When I moved away for college to get my degree in photography I had to stop working for him, but we always kept in touch. Now, I am a professor at Red Rocks Community College and he is the department head, so we get to work together again almost a decade later! I teach Fine Art Nude Photography and Wedding and Events Photography.

Over the years I have photographed probably 400-500 weddings, countless families, high school seniors, engagement sessions, and headshots. You can check out a recent wedding blog HERE! When I finally found boudoir in 2018, something happened inside me. Something changed. I knew this was it. I had never felt so certain and so excited about starting a new genre of photography in my life. It was very different from what I was used to, so I built my portfolio with friends and models and learned with mentors until I was comfortable enough to fly from the nest.

On a More Personal Note

Just a few months after I started my business, I started dating my now husband. We were 14, just BABIES essentially. We got married after 10 years together in 2021 and I cannot imagine doing life without him. He supports me so wholeheartedly and is so proud of me for doing what I love. We have 2 labs, and we love to go boating and camping, but we also love a night in with some trash reality TV!

Yup, That is Me at my Boudoir Shoot!

When we were planning our wedding, I knew I needed a boudoir album of my own to give Austin. I am a boudoir photographer, so it’s pretty much mandatory anyway! BUT, because I was so caught up in all the planning for the actual wedding, I forgot to book someone and plan way ahead. So, I grabbed my best friend, we went to my studio after my hair and makeup trial, and I set the camera up for her. I dialed in all the settings and told her to just make sure she got me in the frame lol! She was my human tripod and cheerleader for the next few hours and we got everything we needed for me to get an album to my future husband. It was a freakin’ blast.

Even I was surprised with how I looked in some of the photos! I had a burst of confidence after the shoot and strutted around like I was a damn queen after that. I got the album in the mail, wrapped it up, and gave it to Austin the night before the wedding and he was FLOORED!

For me, boudoir photography is a celebration of your body and who you truly are. I take pride in being able to help show women how to celebrate their bodies, their battles, and their victories. That is why I shoot boudoir photography. Let me show you your sparkle. Let me help remind you how to love and be proud of yourself.

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