“I heard boudoir was expensive…”

black and white bodyscape with fishnet stockings

Let’s chat about boudoir and the investment you can expect! I think it’s safe to assume that this question runs through most everyone’s heads when considering booking a Boudoir Session with any reputable boudoir studio. People have become accustomed to “fast and cheap,” which is why McDonald’s and Amazon are so popular. A boudoir shoot…

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Easy Sexy Selfies To Try At Home – Boudoir

Sexy selfies at home can be intimidating. But fear not, I am going to add in some photos here with some really easy poses you can probably do pretty easily! Most of these you could prop your phone up on the floor, a dresser or use a tripod. All you really need is some confidence.…

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Are You Nervous?! – Colorado Boudoir

DID YOU KNOW?? It’s TOTALLY normal to be nervous for your Boudoir Shoot. Colorado Boudoir – Every single woman that walks through our door will say the same. Whether you feel comfortable with your body all of the time, sometimes, or never, every one of our clients feels anxious the day of their shoot. I…

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Boudoir with Miss Janie

boudoir by marquise photography

Janie and I had a freakin’ blast at her boudoir session. Hell, we had a great time at her and her husbands engagement session and their wedding! I got the amazing opportunity to photograph everything having to do with her big day last July. This boudoir session was a gift for her husband the day…

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Bridal Boudoir – Marquise Photography

Girl you’re getting married!! Time to take sexy photos in white lingerie for the best gift ever…Bridal boudoir!! Seriously though, this is a really common gift that women get their significant others for a wedding gift… and for good reason. First, it is also a gift for yourself, so even better. Second, you are a…

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