So, tell me more about boudoir…

Just so you know…there are revealing and nude photographs within this blog (gasp). I mean, clearly; it’s boudoir. But, since the naked body is such a taboo, apparently I need to make a little ‘warning label’. Proceed at your own risk.

What do you think when you hear the word boudoir?

Some people think of it as a great wedding or holiday gift for their significant other and some think of it as a fun experience to appreciate their body and love the skin they are in. Some find it to be an art of shape and light and shadow. I see all of this in boudoir, and I aim to mesh them all together into one amazing session.

From fully clothed with a sexy twist, to lingerie and bed sheets, all the way to artistic nudes – Boudoir sessions are an extremely fun and fulfilling thing to do!

We can go the glamorous route as well!

marquise photography intimate

I like being able to go back to the elements of art – shape, color, composition, light, shadow…. artistic nudes pave the way for creative poses and to show off every curve of your body.

marquise photography intimate

We can mix in more of the traditional side of things too! Get out your best lingerie, a robe, and maybe even some heels!

So what to expect?

– We can put on your favorite tunes

– We will discuss your comfort level and how much skin you’d like to bare

– I will help you pose (and sometimes demonstrate hilariously) and make you feel like a model

– We will keep in mind what your end goal is for this session – Is it an album for your SO? Maybe wall art for yourself? Maybe for a modeling portfolio? Maybe you just want to feel like the sexy woman you are and want a confidence booster!

marquise photography intimate

After the session will sit down immediately and have a private viewing session of all the photos we just got done taking! I’ll hand over the computer and let you go to town deciding which images are your favorite and what you want in your album. How cool is that? You get to see all your images right away! From there I will retouch the images, design your product and send it your way!

model in a pool boudoir

Got a pool? I can help with that too.

It’s an amazing experience. Most of the concerns women have before their session is that they aren’t happy with their bodies; that they wish they were a little thinner, or had less wrinkles. Those same women, 2 hours later, are practically dancing out of the studio with a whole new outlook on themselves. Sometimes it just takes a little self – appreciation to see how beautiful you are!

marquise photography intimate

The point is – boudoir is awesome. You are awesome.

My boudoir sessions are more than just lace and white bed sheets, or a sexy smile. Each session is art, it’s therapeutic, fun, and just plain cool. There are so many questions I could answer in this blog about these intimate lifestyle sessions…just give me a call and I can talk you through them all. If you are out of gift ideas, this would be a great one for Christmas!

Disclaimer: all of these women have given me permission to use these photos. I will never compromise your privacy. I have so many wonderful sessions on my hard drive, but they will never be posted or used anywhere without explicit permission and a signed release form.

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