So…I’ll Probably Ask You To Do These 9 Weird Things For The Camera

Being in front of a camera, let alone a stranger with a camera, can be extremely daunting and uncomfortable. I know how weird it can be! So, in order to get my couples in a spot where they feel comfortable, I do some odd things. Partly because, they can elicit extremely hilarious reactions and also really beautifully sweet moments.

Marquise Photography engagement

They can really relax you and your partner, so you are ready to be your full self during your engagement shoot or during your wedding!! One of the best parts is, not everyone reacts the same to these weird things!! Depending on who you are, and how you are together, I get an array of reactions!

Marquise Photography engagement

This is why working with me is different!

My portfolio and my business is based on emotions and real connections between people. I like to make sure we all have fun, we laugh, and get to know each other. I also want to make sure I am capturing those feelings and those moments between the two of you that are often hard to recreate during a session! So instead of recreating those moments, we will make our own. Some are silly, some are sappy. But isn’t that what relationships are in the end anyways? Laughing together and loving everything you are together.

Marquise Photography engagement

1. Kiss with your teeth.

Marquise Photography engagement

Why? I get that almost kiss moment, where you are both smiling and laughing because you just love each other so much. There’s a romance and a tension with an ‘almost kiss’ shot and I love sneaking it in there.

2. Look at each other and laugh

marquise photography family

Why? Classic pose! Imagine you’re on the cover of a magazine and you are just having the BEST time with your loved one and friends 🙂

3. Head butt her in slow motion

Marquise Photography engagement

Why? It’s more fun than asking you guys to ‘gently touch foreheads and look lovingly into the other’s eyes’. That’s just weird 😉

4. Whisper your favorite cereal in their ear…in the sexiest voice you possibly can.

couple at a picnic

Why? They laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME. Wouldn’t you? Even the most serious of men laugh at this one, and I get some genuine smiles and reactions!

5. Swing her around

sapphire point engagement session

Why? This adds movement and tons of interaction and emotion! It’s just fun!

6. Hold her like you are protecting her

marquise photography intimate

Why? I love this one because I can get a more sensitive feel out of a couple, especially the guy. They wrap their arms around each other, close their eyes, and you can just see how much love there is in those quiet moments.

7. Tell them something you have been dying to tell them all day

Marquise Photography engagement

Why? I usually use this on weddings days! Either after the first look or during the intimate formals after the ceremony, because they haven’t had a chance to have a real conversation or a private moment together yet! Sometimes I can get some happy tears with this one!!

8. You guys kiss…and you guys act suprised!

della terra bridal party

Why? Bridal party freaking out that bride and groom are kissing…funny and ironic, adorable too.

9. Breathe a lot of really hot air

wedgewood wedding blue hour

Why? This is for chilly, twilight, backlit photos. With my flash behind you, and you breathing like this, I am able to catch photos of it in the chilly air!! It is so romantic to me, and it pairs so well with a cuddled up photo like this.

I’ve got a million more of these, but these are some of my favorites!!

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