Shower Sessions at the Studio

Ready to get wet? Some people call it shower sessions, some people call it my “rain room”, I call it the best damn thing you can add on to your boudoir session! And it could be a free add on with the Boudie Bonuses, I can tell you all about it!

Anyways, how many people do you know have had this type of dramatic, flash dance, hot af, photo session done? Probably not many, and it is INCREDIBLE. Shower sessions are a great way to end your boudoir shoot. One of my very talented stylists (Jacquelyn Make Up Artistry, Angeluxe Studio, or Rose Beauty Lounge) will get your hair and make up done and perfected, we will go through all the outfits you brought and start shooting. We can do all the traditional boudoir photographs in my Denver Studio, in the bed, tied up in the sheets, looking majestically out a window… we can do alllll of that, and then head over to the rain room which is just in the other room of the studio. That’s when we will go crazy! You can see more shower photos here!

First we have Clara’s session!

Brittany has done tons of these water sessions!

And then we have Mary, Sara and Valentina killin’ it in the water!

Does it sound like something you would do? It’s a little wild, but holy crap is it a ton of fun. Who doesn’t love to play in the rain? Is there anything sexier than a wet white t-shirt or tank top? Find out how you can get the shower session as a free add on through Boudie Bonuses! Bonuses are free add ons you get by utilizing the pre-payment plans I have available to all of my clients! 99% of people use them, so it ends up being sooooo easy to get free stuff.

Ready to book something like this? Call me now and let’s talk details!

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