Feel confident

Boudoir is one of those things that feels so dang good and liberating to do! Slip into a sexy piece of lacy lingerie or an adorable over-sized flannel...these sessions can be anything you want.

Want a fully clothed session with a sexy twist? You got it! You want to show off your skin a little more? You got that too! Marquise Photography is flexible with any comfort level. We are there to capture you feeling your best and most confident self! Body positivity is the only way! ​

We want your boudoir session to be a fun and exciting experience for you!! We will put your favorite music on the speakers and have fun getting all the shots! Whether you are getting these photos

done as a gift to your significant other or for yourself, we want you to leave the studio feeling awesome about the images and your body!

We also know how intimidating boudoir sessions can be. Don't let it deter you from learning more about them! They really are a blast, and we love seeing women love the skin they're in. Love yourself, your body, and your boudoir photographs.

Boudoir Packages

There are so many options for what we can create, each product will be customized with your taste.


Located in my private Denver Studio


Get a flawless personalized look


A one-on-one session directly after your shoot. Albums, wall art, prints and digitals are sold separately.