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We love photographing maternity boudoir for all the mommas out there! Maternity Boudoir is about documenting you right now, in this stage of life, whatever that may look like. What better way to do that than coming in to do a maternity session with us? Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and you are so strong and powerful, let us capture that for you!

What is Maternity Boudoir?

Maternity Boudoir Sessions are just like any other Boudoir Session, with the exception of not doing certain poses that will be hard with your pregnant belly. We always want our mommas and their growing babes to stay safe and healthy – so we will never compromise that by doing anything that can be deemed unsafe.

When should we shoot?

Usually the best time to capture your pregnancy in its full glory is around 8 months along. That way your belly is almost as big as it is gonna get, but also not too late that we risk an early birth and miss our opportunity.

Tell me more about Maternity Boudoir…

You can wear lingerie, like our long sleeve lace dress that comes in black, white, and burgundy, or do a simple bralette/panty duo. We LOVE maternity nudes!! This is a great chance to make some gorgeous black and white art of your body during this unique time. Let us capture the new curves you have, they make amazing wall art pieces (and can be 100% family-friendly). Or you can put on a long beautiful robe, we have several at the studio you can borrow for your maternity boudoir session.

You will look amazing no matter what! We promise you it will be an experience you won’t forget and you will have photos of your pregnancy journey that will last forever. You can also check out my portfolio on my website for more examples of images!

Are you expecting? Get in touch with me as early in your pregnancy as possible so we can book and plan for the correct time frame! Click HERE to schedule a call with me!

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