“I heard boudoir was expensive…”

Let’s chat about boudoir and the investment you can expect!

I think it’s safe to assume that this question runs through most everyone’s heads when considering booking a Boudoir Session with any reputable boudoir studio. People have become accustomed to “fast and cheap,” which is why McDonald’s and Amazon are so popular. A boudoir shoot should be neither of those things!

black and white bodyscape with fishnet stockings

My grandmother always said, ‘good stuff ain’t cheap and cheap stuff ain’t good.’ And she’s pretty smart.

Here at Marquise Photography, we focus on a quality experience with timeless images and high-end finished products that are only going to increase in value to you as time passes. This is something that most women do maybe once or twice in their lifetime. It should be special. It should be luxurious. It is an investment in yourself, your confidence, your body, and you get high quality tangible items as well.

Keep this in mind when thinking about a boudoir session…

When considering booking a Boudoir Session with us, keep in mind that it is a FULL Experience – our shoots run from 10AM – 1PM, and sometimes, depending on the kind of add ons or same day reveals, we could be hanging out until 4 or 5! We only work with one client per day! No rushing people in and out of the studio, no kicking people out if they need extra time, no stress of constantly watching the clock, and no waiting in the hallway for your ‘turn’. Sessions take as long as they need to, though we do have a pretty perfect system in place to keep the day running on schedule. We don’t half-ass around here. We give you 110% effort and provide you with the best of the best of the best.

These two got all kinds of pampered before and during their session! We have snacks, drinks, and music to enjoy while our hair and make up artist Rio dolls you up!

Our Beauty Team is made up of professional Hair and Makeup artists to make you feel like a queen. Lexus, your photographer, has over 13 years of experience and uses top-of-the-line equipment and software. Every member of our team has earned degrees in their fields! We are all highly skilled industry experts – because you deserve top-notch experience. A lot of different hands go into helping create your Boudoir Session and your final purchased images!


The other thing that you NEED to fully trust your boudoir photographer with is your privacy. This is a huge one. There are a lot of photographers out there that are not into boudoir for the right reasons, or they don’t care to follow the rules. Some of them might even be inexperienced and not know about any of this. Be sure your photographer is trustworthy, professional, and has a contract and system set up for the level of privacy you want for your images.

My clients tell me if they want me to be able to use their images for public use or not, like on my website or social media, and their wishes are followed, no questions asked. This is not always the case with every boudoir photographer. This is not to scare you, but to educate you on the possibilities of working with an unseasoned, cheaper photographer. Boudoir is not the place to cut costs.

We are a premiere Boudoir Studio and you won’t find this type of quality anywhere else!

There are so many gorgeous album and product options for you to choose from to house all your images from your session! Like…look at all these!! They are so fun to design and make uniquely yours.

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