Iceland Elopement – Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

Alright, buckle up for a beautiful, but slightly chaotic (in the best way) story of Lindsey and Lucas’ Iceland elopement photos, the winds, the black sand beach, and a camera survival tale in Iceland! Joining them on this adventure turned out to be a wild ride – and I’m not just talking about the weather!

The Icelandic Hurdle

Picture this: a 6-hour overnight flight to Reykjavik, a bit of road tripping, and boom, we’re in Vik at the Lava Cafe ready to meet Lindsey and Lucas. They were in no hurry to get to the Black Sand Beach, especially since the weather was so crazy, so we had a bite to eat and a coffee. The moment came to brave the winds and we made our way up the road to Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach. The only catch was, they closed the road right after our car because the winds were throwing a serious tantrum. We barely made it, and I’m talking heart-pounding, sand-whipping levels of barely.

Nature’s Fury

The rain? Sideways. The wind? So strong I could lean backward, and it’d keep me upright. The sand? Everywhere. They changed into their dress and suit, we hyped ourselves up in the car getting ready to brave mother nature and WENT FOR IT. We were only out there for 15 minutes, and we looked like we’d been in a sandy wind tunnel. But guess what? Lindsay and Lucas didn’t give a hoot. Hair flying, sand-covered, they were having the time of their lives.

Embracing the Chaos

These two were absolutely wild (in the best way possible). They laughed, hugged, and fought the wind together. Lucas, being the hero, tried to keep a tight grip on Lindsay so she wouldn’t turn into a superhero and fly away. They had the most carefree laughter and the most genuine smiles – some of the realest I’ve ever captured.

Chasing Laughter During This Iceland Elopement

My partner in crime, travel buddy, and incredible second photographer, Molly, and I threw our plans out the window. No fancy lighting, no perfect poses – just raw, unfiltered moments. We chased Lindsay and Lucas around in the storm, and it was chaos, laughter, and love all wrapped up in one unforgettable and very surreal experience. Since we had a ton of time we decided to shoot a couple photos of them in their travel van snuggled up in the rain back towards town where we found a very pretty landscape. Some of these are my favs!

My Cameras Weren’t Too Happy

After our brief encounter with nature’s fury, we ran back to the car, covered in sand, and buzzing with excitement. Oh, and did I mention, my poor cameras? They wouldn’t focus, buttons got sanded down – they took a real beating. But you know what? We later bought toothbrushes, slowly worked the sand out of the buttons, and used them again the next morning for their sunrise session in Reykjavik where we explored the city and ate ice cream at Bubble Waffles for breakfast! If you want to see more images from that day click HERE! We had Molly’s backup cameras too, just in case, because we are always over prepared. In the end we got the most vital buttons working, but they definitely needed to be sent in for a deep cleaning when we got back to the states.

I Am Still Finding Sand 6 Months Later

I have never shot in weather like that, and the rush of doing something completely new and uncomfortable is insane. The outcome of this Iceland Elopement was mind-blowing. Lindsay and Lucas turned a simple elopement session into an epic adventure, proving that sometimes, Mother Nature throws the best plot twists. So here’s to storm chasing, cameras covered in sand, and capturing love in its rawest, sandiest form!

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