Everything You Need To Know!

Well hello there gorgeous! Want to know all about my boudoir sessions? You have come to the right place. Hopefully this will answer any and all questions you may have and what to expect. But I am always happy to set up a phone call to get more in depth with you! Email me at Lexus@MarquisePhotography.com to set up a time to chat.

marquise photography intimate

I get it. Boudoir can be intimidating. Getting your photo taken in general is often scary to some people, but add in some lingerie and it can really make you nervous! But let me tell ya, after a few minutes in the studio together with the music on and a little drinky drink, you’ll be struttin’ the place like own it!

Everything I photograph is done with class and is very tasteful. I will never pose you or photograph you in a way that would not make you feel badass and beautiful. Boudoir is one of those things that requires a lot more attention to detail than most shoots. I want you to leave your session more confident than ever and ready to show the photos off to the world (or maybe just your significant other or bestie).

I often hear “But I’m not a model” from the women who are interested in a shoot with me. GIRL. Everyone is welcome in my studio! I have had so many gorgeous women come through my studio, from all different styles, sizes, and walks of life. You absolutely don’t need to be a ‘model’. But guess what? After a little hair and make up styling, a cute lingerie piece and some posing guidance, you will FEEL like a model!

marquise photography intimate

I can help you with everything. From prepping for the session, to what to wear and what to bring, I have you covered. Have more questions? I have answers! It doesn’t hurt to find out more, even if you aren’t totally sure if you are ready for a session. Let’s talk so I can walk you through it all!

The Session Fee

The session fee is what will cover your hair and make up, shooting time at the studio with me, retouching of all the final images, and your private reveal and ordering appointment. The reveal and ordering appointment is when you will get to see all your stunning images on the big screen, check out album and wall art samples and decide what you’d like to purchase. Please note that images are not included in the session fee. The session fee is $499 and is non-refundable to secure your appointment.

The Reveal

Usually about a week or so after your session is when the reveal and ordering appointment is scheduled! These are so freakin’ fun. You get to see all your images on the big screen at my studio, retouched and finalized for you to oogle over. Because you WILL be oogling over yourself! I absolutely adore the reactions my beautiful clients have to the photos of themselves. I have seen people scream in surprise, shed tears of joy and be completely speechless during their reveals! If you traveled from far away lands for your session with me at my Denver Studio and cannot return for a reveal, we can do this virtually!

Custom Products and Pricing

We got it all! Albums, wall art and prints, oh my! I will walk you through all the options you have and show you all the product samples. This way you can touch and feel the luxury products your gorgeous photos will go into! I have multiple sizes and cover options for albums and a plethora of wall art options.

On average clients invest $1800-$2500 on their products,

some invest more and some less! It is all customizable to you and your needs.

marquise photography intimate

The Time Is Now!

Let’s get you scheduled! I typically book out a good bit in advance, so the sooner we get you penciled in, the better! Empower yourself, re-fall in love with your body, find new confidence, and give yourself (or a significant other) the gift of boudoir!