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Sexy selfies at home can be intimidating. But fear not, I am going to add in some photos here with some really easy poses you can probably do pretty easily! Most of these you could prop your phone up on the floor, a dresser or use a tripod. All you really need is some confidence. Clothes optional 😉

Directional light is going to be your bestie for the sexy selfies. Turn off all your lights, and close all your curtains except for one window. Angle yourself sideways from the window and place your phone at different places around you until you find the best lighting! These are all super easy poses to do against or near that wall!

Booty shots are easy to do in a bed, on the ground or using a chair. If you are laying on your stomach, do a half plank, lift yourself up a bit, then drop your middle to arch your back, and pop the shit outta that butt. *chefs kiss*

In the sheets sexy selfies… cover as much or as little as you want. Then grab a few on your knees with the sheet coming up and covering part of your chest or lay in bed and drape it over you like a Greek goddess.

nude in sheets boudoir by marquise photography
boudoir marquise photography

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Whether you are taking the sexy selfies at home for yourself, your SO or for anyone or everyone else to enjoy, just find what makes you feel confident! Confidence is the most important part! If you decide to share your selfies to social media, I can’t wait to see which poses you tried!

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Hair and make up by Jacquelyn and Angeluxe!

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