Downtown Reykjavik Elopement – A Sunrise Photo Shoot

Downtown Reykjavik Elopement Session

Early morning, in the heart of Reykjavik, where the city’s just starting to stir, Lindsay and Lucas were getting ready for their close up. Now, Molly and I, your trusty photographers, jumped into a sunrise session that’s all about laughter, love, and some unexpected adventures. After weathering a wild storm the day before (you can read all about that crazy story HERE), we were thrilled for this brand new chapter of awesomeness during their Downtown Reykjavik elopement. Hold on tight for a tale that’s part redemption, part hilarity, and all about love in the charming streets of Reykjavik.

couple walks on reykjavik beach

Motor Scooter Madness:

So, a few days beforehand Molly and I went scouting for locations. There we were, cruising on scooters, navigating Reykjavik’s twists and turns. Hilarity ensued as we scouted out the perfect spots – from an epic black rock beach with killer views to fields of wildflowers and then all the way back into the heart of the city where Lindsay and Lucas, in true bride-and-groom style, embraced the magic of their Downtown Reykjavik elopement.

Coffee, Pastries, and Snap-happy Moments:

After we finished up with the sunrise piece of the session (where they opted for more casual wear) a pitstop at a local cafe was a must – coffee, pastries, and cute photos to energize us for more adventure. They changed into their wedding attire and then the bustling streets became our canvas as we, enthusiastic photographers, captured the heart of Downtown Reykjavik with Lindsey and Lucas. Croissants, coffee, Bubble Waffles, ice cream for breakfast – turns out, Iceland’s full of sweet surprises.

bride and groom share a coffee in reykjavic
bride and groom feed each other waffles in downtown reykjavik

Streets to Stories: Downtown Reykjavik Elopement

This Downtown Reykjavik Elopement had us foaming, laughing, and capturing magic at every turn – our morning was filled with surprises, including a historic building that use to double as a jail and a bar at the same time. Then, we even walked through the neighborhoods and enjoyed the charming nature of the houses. After a few hours of walking and taking photos of them with every beautiful background we could find, we parted ways. Plans were made to meet again before our departure.

Closing the Chapter:

Fast forward a few days, and there we were at the coolest sushi joint, soaking in Lindsay and Lucas’s love story. We shared about our lives over drinks and some amazing sushi. You could even get Puffin and Whale there! Lindsey and Lucas’ warmth and hospitality made our Downtown Reykjavik Elopement Travel Shoot escapade something truly special. As we wrapped up our adventures, we, grateful photographers, couldn’t help but feel thankful for the incredible memories we made in the heart of Downtown Reykjavik with this amazing couple.

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