Couples boudoir – what it is, and what it isn’t

There is probably a lot of places your mind goes when you hear the word “couples boudoir”. There is so much more to these sessions than what the surface level of them show. Think of traditional boudoir of a woman alone; she is proud of her body, confidently wants to show it off either to herself or a significant other. She knows it is an intimate gift to give, and also a really empowering experience for herself. Same goes for couples. It is about connection, trust, love, and being in each others company.

The human form is beautiful, and so easily misunderstood. Bringing two people together that have a true relationship, and I am able to give them images that show moments of them that are never shown to the outside world is pretty special. Whether it’s just you two hanging out on the couch in your undies (because let’s face it, that’s real life) or spicier moments – give it a chance.

The first part of this gallery, Lauren and Ethan, are images that are a little bit more on the ‘fine art’ side, taken at my studio RAW Photographic. The second group of images from Sarah and Darius are more lifestyle type, done in their own home.


@95percentlauren and her husband Ethan

@sarahaubreyjean and her fiance Darius

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