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All the information you could ever want about how my boudoir sessions and Marquise Photography work is right here in this cute little blog.

The whole experience, what to expect, what my boudoir studios look like, what other people have worn, hair and make up… All of it. So buckle up darling!

Hair and make up – Beauty to Boudoir Bombshell! –

While the experience we offer starts much earlier on than the actual date of your photoshoot, the first thing we are going to focus on is getting you all pampered up! My stylists Jaquelyn, Angelica and Rio will get you done up to the max! I will have mimosas for you to enjoy, and we will sit and get to know each other even more. I love taking “Beauty to Bombshell” photos of you before your makeover and after! You certainly don’t have to do it, but if you are okay with it, I always think they are a fun thing to share!

Lingerie/Outfit Inspiration –

I will share some photos here of the things that some other women have brought to their sessions just for a little inspo. The sky is the limit, bring it all. Bring more than you think. It is better to have a ton to choose from than not enough!

Bodysuits are my favorite.

They are a little more unexpected than just a matching bra and underwear set, and they flatter everyone body. They have tons of colors too! If you are planning your shoot at the Victorian Mansion with me, pastels, whites, pinks, light blues, yellows and neutrals work best there!

I always say bring a few different types and colors of bottoms – definitely at least one black pair.

If you like heels, and jewelry and robes, even a GIANT beach hat, seriously, bring it all!

Is this a gift to your fiancé for an upcoming wedding? Obviously white lingerie and pearls, even your wedding veil, would be perfect.

More edgy? Strappy body cages, handcuffs, body chains and fun crop tops are perfect additions.

Posing and shooting time! – Get your favorite music on the speaker and we will essentially have a super fun girls day! We will laugh and chat and you get to feel like a queen. Now, this is where I don’t want you to start freaking out! I will take care of you. Most women tell me they are super nervous because they don’t know how to pose. They are worried about being awkward. I GOT YOU. I will pose you from your facial expression, to your fingers, to your toes. Everyone is a model with a little guidance. So don’t stress about this part. There is a whole other blog on Couples Boudoir and the details on those, check that out too! Here are some of my favorite poses!

The Big Reveal –

It is TIME to see your images!! So, after we are done shooting, we will wrap up, and plan the date of your reveal. It is usually about 1-2 weeks after the date of your boudoir session. That is when you will come back to the studio, sit down, and see your fine ass up on the big screen TV! You’ll get to see everything fully edited and retouched (I don’t do any major body manipulation, most just blemish removal and color/lighting changes) and ready to be gawked at.

marquise photography studio

Products –

You will have most likely already chosen which collection you want during your pre-payment plan, so this is when you will choose exactly which images are your favorite, which album cover you love the most, and see all the wall art sizes and samples! I have albums, folio boxes, canvas and acrylic wall pieces, folio books, diamond blocks…endless ways to store your gorgeous images.

This isn’t the end of the whole experience, or even every detail, but this is where I will end it today. I absolutely love getting to know the women that walk into my studio, their stories, where they come from, how they view their beauty. It is truly an honor I get to do this for a living. I love you all, and I am so glad to have your journey include Marquise Photography.

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