Victorian Mansion Boudoir – Magic with Audrey

At Marquise Photography we have a few options for where you want your boudoir session to be. Today we will be focusing on the gorgeous, vintage, girlie Victorian Mansion Boudoir!

Audrey had her boudoir session with me there, and WOW did she absolutely kill it. My stylist, Angeluxe, got her all prepped and pampered with hair and make up, and then it was time to get shooting. We had a blast running around the house into all the rooms and making boudoir magic! Her confidence is to die for! Is this a location you would want your session to be at? Find out more! I love it because there is such a large space to work with, so many rooms to jump around to, and in the warmer weather, there is gorgeous garden areas! And those chandeliers?! I want one of those in my house! The Victorian Mansion Boudoir vibe really adds to the girliness.

Audrey had quite a few outfits that were perfect for this session. There are a lot of light blues, pinks, and other pastels throughout the house so everything she brought matched super well with the Victorian Mansion Boudoir style. At the end of the session she wanted a few images that showed a little bit more of the masculine side to her personality so we played with the black jacket she brought. We added some casual poses to it and BAM. She loved the look of it.

I just love how much boudoir sessions can really do for a woman’s outlook on their body and themselves overall. I wish more women could see how absolutely HOT they are all the time, but I love that I can offer them a chance to see it firsthand! How many times have you taken time for yourself? What have you done for self care lately? Maybe it is time for a session! Book a call with me here and I will give you the low down on the entire experience! Check out more of my work here!

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