Hey, I'm Lexus

A boudoir, wedding, and portrait photographer based in beautiful Colorado.

Lexus Marquise Limmer
@marquisephotography This sound was made for b0ud0ir photographers! Moira from #schittscreeks ♬ original sound - i know i’m not funny dw

About Me

My name is Lexus Marquise Reynolds, and I am your professional hype girl and memory maker. Give me anything to do with people or relationships and I am on my way. I specialize in boudoir (ya sexy thing), weddings, high school seniors and family photography. I have been behind the camera for 12 years at this point, and this is STILL all I want to do. I love traveling, but hate flying. I love exploring unique places, but I am also a homebody. I love connecting with new people but at the same time I can be an introvert.

Professionally, my work experience includes...a lot. Like I said, 12 years in the industry. I have watched countless women's confidence levels SOAR from boudoir sessions. I stopped counting the number of weddings I have been lucky enough to capture, but it is somewhere in the 300s. An infinite amount of high school seniors, families, and other fun events. I am a college professor and I get to teach Fine Art Nude Photography and Wedding and Events Photography (which is the coolest thing ever). I also work closely with other artists on a multitude of other jobs including work with The Broncos Organization, Boulder County Home and Garden Magazine and 5280.



Beyond the Lens

My personal life is like most others. My husband and I recently got married, we have 2 dogs, and we are living in our first home together. Nothing extraordinary but it is exactly how I want to live my life. Simple and happy. Also, a fun fact about me... I am your local crazy plant lady. I collect rare and common tropical plants, like, hundreds of them. It's a jungle at my house!