9 Tips To Get You Ready For Your Engagement Session

It’s finally here! The day of your engagement session! I have a few great tips I have learned over the years that have helped the little details for a ton of couples. A lot of these things are easy to overlook, but they can make or break a photo!!

1. If we have decided to head up into the Rocky Mountains, brings shoes that are easy to walk in! If you have a pair of heels or sandals, toss them in a bag and bring them with you. Chances are we are going to be walking and hiking to the best spots.

2. I also suggest bringing a blanket to use as a prop or to sit on! Having a blanket to sit on allows for more poses and gives you the chance to interact with your environment and your partner differently. And your butt won’t get all dirty!

3. Feel free to bring outfit changes or any other props, in fact I encourage it! Having an outfit change, or even just an extra jacket and a different necklace can really add a lot of variation to your shoot. Props are always fun, and you can get so creative with it! Try to find at least one thing you’d like to bring with you, and we will find a way to incorporate it.

Jessica started her shoot with this gorgeous one piece sleeveless outfit and some large jewelry, and then ended the day in jeans and a very flattering brown leather jacket. Jordan also switched up his shirt for color variation!

4. Bring a pony tail if you have longer hair just in case it gets abnormally windy. Usually, we can work through cold, and snow, and even rain just fine. But hair blowing in your face is super hard to control so having a backup plan is a must!

5. Have manicured nails (they don’t need to be painted if you aren’t into that) and have your ring cleaned. There are many times I am up close and personal with your rings and your hands, so having that extra polish and shine is a great way to add to the images.

6. Search Pinterest for color palettes of clothing so your outfits mesh together well. You are more than welcome to wear WHATEVER you want, but coordinating colors really ties in the photos, and makes you two look so put together!

7. Layer, layer, layer! Accessories such as scarves, jackets, vests, and jewelry can turn an okay outfit into something really interesting and beautiful.

8. Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t normally wear! We want the photos to reflect you both the lovely way you already are! A lot of people think they need to go all out with this, but if jeans and converse are your style, wear it! If a floor length ball gown is your style, wear it!

These photos with Missy and Wilfred wore two different outfits for their session. One was their casual every day wear, and on the left, they changed into some traditional Kenyan attire!

9. Bring anything you need to create “save the dates”. You are already getting yourselves in front of the camera, you might as well kill two birds with one stone! Signs are a common prop a lot of couples utilize to write their wedding date and announce their big day.

I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s worth it!! Just a few small things to think about when we get together for your session to make sure we get every drop of ‘amazing’ out of our time together.

Until next time!

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